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Documentation » Core Documentation

The core documentation of the OpenEAI Project consists of seven documents that serve as an aggregation of the state of research and implementation of the departments of the OpenEAI Project. Six of these documents correlate roughly to the six departments of the project, but there is some overlap to make the documentation suite more logical and useful. The remaining document is a guide to getting started with OpenEAI. The departments generate a significant amount of research and interim documentation on their own. This documentation can be found on the OpenEAI departmental sites and in the OpenEAI CVS repository. However, periodically the entire project takes a checkpoint of its status and serializes the state of its best thinking in these seven core documents. These periodic checkpoints naturally tend to coincide with new releases of the OpenEAI Application Foundation and Message Object APIs. The seven core documents are:

Document Available Formats
Getting Started with OpenEAI HTML PDF RTF
OpenEAI Message Protocol HTML PDF RTF
OpenEAI Methodology HTML PDF RTF
OpenEAI Integration Analysis Template HTML PDF RTF
OpenEAI Message Definitions Coming Soon
OpenEAI API Introduction HTML PDF RTF
OpenEAI Implementation Strategies HTML PDF RTF
OpenEAI Deployment Patterns HTML PDF RTF

A bundle with the core documentation in all available formats is also available for download in a zip archive.

In addition to these core documents, the API documentation for the OpenEAI APIs are the other key documentation artifacts of the OpenEAI Project.