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Institutional Membership

What is an OpenEAI Institutional Member?

An OpenEAI Software Foundation Institutional Member is any organization (academic institution, company, or foundation) that helps support the OpenEAI Software Foundation's goals. Typically, Institutional Members are organizations that make use of one or more of OpenEAI's open source products. Membership is one way of "giving back" to the community. Membership fees, and participation in OpenEAI through mailing lists, software contributions, conferences, and other events, help strengthen our organization and sustain our efforts.

What are the benefits of Institutional Membership?

Organizations will benefit from OpenEAI membership in the following ways:

What is the annual fee to join as an Institutional Member?

Annual fees for institutional members are based on a sliding scale that is tied to the institution's annual operating budget. Current fees are as follows:

Who are the current Institutional Members?

A listing of current institutional members, individual members, and directors is available here.