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About the Project » Contributing to OpenEAI

There are many ways to contribute to the OpenEAI Project. To date, both individuals and organizations have contributed in the following ways:

Typically, the most significant contributions involve using OpenEAI components and reference implementations to implement integrations and providing feedback to the project. This process improves the OpenEAI methodology and technology by employing it with new technologies and in new situations. This process also cultivates the knowledge and experience of those that implement these integrations or experiment with this technology. These individuals become valued contributors to the project and some will be nominated for membership in the OpenEAI Software Foundation.

Donating Money to the OpenEAI Software Foundation

Individuals, companies, and other organizations can donate money to the OpenEAI Software Foundation by sending a check or money order payable to "OpenEAI Software Foundation" to the following address:

OpenEAI Software Foundation
c/o Estes, Bridgewater & Ogden CPAs
901 S. Second St.
Springfield, IL 62704

Please include the name under which you would like the donation to be credited along with an e-mail address to which we can send acknowledgement of receipt. If you include a postal address, we will send a physical receipt via postal service for all donations of US$100 or more.

Nonprofit Status

The OpenEAI Software Foundation is a private foundation operated for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. The OpenEAI Software Foundation is a tax exempt organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For individuals within the United States, donations to the OpenEAI Software Foundation should be tax-deductible. These statements are intended to help inform you and your qualified tax advisor and are not intended to serve as financial advice.