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About the Project » OpenEAI Software Foundation

The OpenEAI Software Foundation was incorporated in October 2002 and exists to provide organizational, legal, and financial support for the OpenEAI project and closely-related endeavors that may be integrated into the project. The foundation was created with the assistance of the University of Illinois (which gifted seminal EAI work to the OpenEAI Software Foundation) and Open Integration Incorporated. The foundation was incorporated as a membership-based, not-for-profit corporation in order to: ensure that the OpenEAI Project continues to exist beyond the participation of individual volunteers, enable contributions of intellectual property and funds on a sound basis, and provide a framework to limit legal exposure for contributors participating in an expansive open-source project.

Individuals who demonstrate a sustained commitment to the OpenEAI Project and have made significant contributions in the form of EAI research and open-source development are elibigle for individual membership. Existing individual members nominate distinguished contributors for membership. Existing individual members award new membership by a majority vote of the existing members. In this way, the OpenEAI Project is guided by the community of EAI researchers, developers, and users it most directly serves.

The individual members are:

The OpenEAI Foundation members periodically elect a Board of Directors to manage the organizational affairs of the Foundation as outlined in the OpenEAI Foundation Bylaws. The initial election of directors occured at the January 2003 meeting of the members. The Board of Directors appoints officers to oversee the daily operations of the Foundation. The Foundation publishes a number of records about its operation.

The current directors and officers of the OpenEAI Software Foundation for the 2016-17 term are:

The purpose of the OpenEAI Software Foundation is to build and sustain a sound basis for the OpenEAI Project. Resources will be required to achieve this goal. The University of Illinois and many individuals have already contributed many resouces to the OpenEAI Project and to the process of establishing a basis for this project. This core group of individual contributors, who comprise the founding memership and directors of the OpenEAI Software Foundation, as well as the University of Illinois, are deeply committed to development of the OpenEAI Project. However, long-term it is difficult to rely upon volunteers to perform all daily tasks, especially the administrative tasks, required to sustain an endeavor of this size. The OpenEAI Software Foundation is preparing a development plan and assembling a support organization using funds and other resources contributed by the OpenEAI user and developer community that will provide the administrative support required to develop the OpenEAI project over the long term.