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About the Project » OpenEAI Project

The purpose of the OpenEAI Project is to discover and document the controlling dynamics, principles, and practices of enterprise application integration and to present, implement, and promote those findings. The OpenEAI Project presents findings in the form of the OpenEAI methodology and OpenEAI software for implementing integrations. We suggest you read the OpenEAI Overview for additional background on enterprise application integration (EAI). The OpenEAI Project is comprised of six distinct, but closely-related departments, which address OpenEAI Methodology, Application Foundation APIs, Message Object API, Message Definitions, Reference Implementations, and Deployment and Administration.

To receive announcements and updates about the OpenEAI Project, please subscribe to the OpenEAI Announce list, on the project's List Info page.

The OpenEAI Project is characterized by:

The OpenEAI Project is guided by the OpenEAI Software Foundation. The foundation exists to provide organizational, legal, and financial support to the project. Foundation members are individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the OpenEAI Project and made significant contributions in the form of EAI research and open source development.

You are invited to study and use the products of this endeavor and participate in the OpenEAI Project. We welcome contributions in many forms. The EAI problem space can be daunting, but the primary goal of this project is to break that space into clear, well-documented pieces with a production-quality implementation for every piece that everyone may use, or follow as a pattern. Your experience with these concepts and your imaginative ideas improve the understanding of the EAI space for everyone and drive our mutual success.

See the Press Releases page for a detailed general overview of OpenEAI (check the December 17, 2002 release) and to subscribe to the OpenEAI 'Announce' list.