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February 6, 2009

Emory Implements OpenEAI

Emory is implementing integrations using OpenEAI that span several academic, administrative, research, and healthcare systems. This enterprise service bus (ESB) implemetation will provide core integration services for Emory University and its research enterprise and will bridge with the existing message-oriented integration infrastructure already in use within Emory Healthcare.

As illustrated in the figure above (click to enlarge), these initial Emory integrations include publishing human resources and financial information in PeopleSoft to departmental users. They also include transformations to and from HL7 formats to acquire data from sonogram and iDXA scan machines. As part of a portal proof-of-concept initiative Emory is also implementing an identity service and a network location service using OpenEAI technology. These services allow applications to determine if people are already known to Emory University and Emory Healthcare and where users are located when they access Emory resources.

Emory will also make grid services available through this ESB implementation, including services available on the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) as well as services from other research initatives like the CardioVascular Research Grid (CVRG), which is using the caBIG technology framework.