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Subversion Repository

Documentation, source code, sample implementations, deployments, and other artifacts of the OpenEAI Project are available to the public for checkout, download and review in the project's Subversion repository. The repository is open to view to the world. However, only members of the OpenEAI Foundation and other authorized committers have direct access to commit (add or update) artifacts in this official, public repository. If you are interested in becoming an authorized committer, please e-mail us at

There are two ways to access artifacts in the Subversion repository. First, those familiar with Subversion may perform an anonymous or authenticated checkout using a Subversion client application at:

Alternately, you may access the Subversion repository through a web interface at:

Module Description
articles contains articles of interest about OpenEAI, Service Oriented Architectures, and other related topics
build contains libraries built from the projects central build and package environments
business contains various business documents pertaining to the operation of the OpenEAI Project and OpenEAI Software Foundation
configs contains deployments of sample applications and reference implementations following the recommended OpenEAI deployment patterns
demonstrations contains flash demonstrations of OpenEAI technology
distributions contains sub-modules with artifacts used to package distributions of project software.
documentation contains sub-modules with documentation from all departments of the project including methodology, software, and deployment
eo contains eo documents for the message objects of the global message tree
java contains the java source tree and java lib directory of the project
message contains a global XML message development tree and a global XML message release tree for message definitions and sample messages
perl contains PERL code and related artifacts for the OpenEAI PERL examples
presentations contains documentation and PowerPoint slides from major OpenEAI presentations
projects contains artifacts specific to individual project initatives within OpenEAI
testing contains testing artifacts
xml contains a development and a release tree for non-message XML definitions and sample documents
Enter the OpenEAI Subversion Repository at the root level